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Scenes In Jazz 1: Songs by Frank Fitzpatrick

An inspired new album from composer and music producer Frank Fitzpatrick featuring legendary female jazz singers and contemporary soul artists performing original and classic songs from the silver screen.


Scenes In Jazz features original recordings of legendary female jazz singers alongside contemporary female soul artists performing new and classic songs from the silver screen.

Grammy-nominated composer and multi-Platinum producer Frank Fitzpatrick introduces a new generation to a great American artform while spotlighting the undeniable contributions of the female voice to motion picture soundtracks.

Recorded with a worldclass quintet, and 10 years in the making, Scenes in Jazz adds a collection of inspired recordings and compositions to a timeless repertoire.

​The Scenes In Jazz will premier in early 2023 with the first public release of Fitzpatrick’s 2001 award-winning short film: Jungle Jazz. 


Proceeds from the album help support, promoting music for health and education



Frank Fitzpatrick
feat. Marla Gibbs, Spanky Wilson, Celia Faussart & others


the composer

Frank Fitzpatrick

Frank Fitzpatrick is a multi-platinum producer, Grammy-nominated songwriter & award-winning filmmaker. He has created multiple hit soundtracks & contributed to $1 billion in international box office revenues. Frank is also Music & Health Expert, Founder of, and the WHY Music initiative, which helps to transform lives through the power of music. 

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