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Friday: Original Score by Frank Fitzpatrick & Hidden Faces

A previously unreleased original score album from Composer / Music Producer Frank Fitzpatrick and his group Hidden Faces. Enjoy classic tracks from the top-selling and iconic urban comedy, the original Friday


A long-awaited Original Score album celebrating the 25th anniversary of the iconic urban comedy, the original Friday. Friday: The Original Score features a hand-pick collection of remastered classic tracks from the original film soundtrack, composed and produced by the multi-platinum Grammy-nominated Frank Fitzpatrick and featuring his group Hidden Faces. 


Friday (the original film), and the multi-platinum Hip Hop and Old School soundtrack(s) Fitzpatrick, Ice Cube and F Gary Gray created for it, established the template for successful urban comedies and the multi-billion dollar urban music and film trend that followed. Friday also became a social and cultural connector for generations to come. 


Soundtrack by Frank Fitzpatrick


the composer

Frank Fitzpatrick

Frank Fitzpatrick is a multi-platinum producer, Grammy-nominated songwriter & award-winning filmmaker. He has created multiple hit soundtracks & contributed to $1 billion in international box office revenues. Frank is also Music & Health Expert, Founder of, and the WHY Music initiative, which helps to transform lives through the power of music. 

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