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Amplify Your Potential With Music
Frank Fitzpatrick & Amplified present
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The Power Playlist: Your Soundtrack to a Better Life

The Power Playlist:

Your Soundtrack to a Better Life

Music is like a secret ingredient we can add to almost any activity we want to uplevel in our lives. I recommend Power Playlists to anyone interested in a powerful, portable resource that can enhance, prolong or alter your current physical or psychological state on demand. A Power Playlist can help you amplify the good in your life by enhancing your performance, creativity, personal fulfillment and well-being — all while having fun.

Essential Power Playlists

FIRM: Focus, Inspire, Relax, Motivate

F.I.R.M. is an acronym to remember your essential Power Playlists. A highly-personalized Power Playlist can help you achieve desired psychological and physiological states to fulfill your potential. 


To get started, or improve upon what you have, you can watch the video, read the articles on the site, or order a copy of the best-selling book Amplified: Unleash Your Potential Through the Power of Music.


Created for Headspace by John Legend

John Legend is the new Chief Music Officer for one of the leading mindfulness and meditation apps, Headspace. Check out the FOCUS Power Playlist he created for Headspace subscribers, then create yours. Use music to help you FOCUS like a star.



Created for Starbucks by Frank Fitzpatrick

In collaboration with the Grayson-Matthews creative team,, and an esteemed list of neuroscientists, musicologists, and health professionals, we created a science-based music initiative for Starbucks to help people start their day healthier, happier and more INSPIRED. Check out our Starbucks MorningYes theme song and My Power Playlist.





Created by Frank Fitzpatrick

Frank Fitzpatrick had created a CALM - Relaxing Piano playlist designed to help you relax, destress, wind down, and focus on what matters.

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Yoga Revolution by Frank Fitzpatrick

In collaboration with, the Yoga Health Foundation and Nettwerk Music, Fitzpatrick created Yoga Revolution, featuring the music of top-selling artists and yoga practitioners and promoting the health benefits of yoga, fitness and mindful movement practices for at-risk populations. Featured artists include Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Michael Franti, Krishna Das, Angeliques Kidjo, Anousha Shankar, Peter Gabriel and Sting.


Stay tuned for more sample playlists...

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Amplified Book

AMPLIFIED offers fresh, innovative way to relate to and experience music. The book shows a reader how to use the power of music in your everyday life by awakening creativity, rewiring your brain, deepening your relationships and amplifying your potential.




Frank Fitzpatrick is a multi-platinum producer, Grammy-nominated songwriter, bestselling author & award-winning filmmaker. He has created multiple hit soundtracks & contributed to over $1 billion in box office revenues. Frank is also a Music & Health Expert, Faculty at Exponential Medicine, a Contributor to Forbes, and Founder of EarthTones’ WHY Music initiative. He is a leading voice at the intersection of music, wellness, technology and human potential.

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