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Soul Child

SOUL CHILD is the first intentional Lofi Soul soundtrack for a new generation. 
The debut collaboration between Grammy-nominated recording artist, author and transformational leader Justin Michael Williams; multi-platinum Grammy-nominated writer/producer, author and wellness expert Frank Fitzpatrick; and the Global Soul Collective, SOUL CHILD takes the listener on a sonic journey through the vast inner universe of their heart and mind.


the Global Soul Collective, 

Justin Michael Williams & Frank Fitzpatrick

The mission of the Global Soul Collective is to create timeless and intentional Soul-infused music for a new generation. We are committed to creative excellence, cultural diversity, and enhancing wellbeing - leveraging the power of music for the positive evolution of the human spirit. 

The GSC's debut release is a Lofi Soul album called SOUL CHILD, featuring LA-based Justin Michael Williams on lead vocals, along with special musical guests from the Collective, including:  

Motown-born writer/producer and guitarist Frank Fitzpatrick; Californian composer and sound alchemist Jon Chau; Australian-born musical duo Brothers Koren; LA-based Neo-Soul artist & Soul Train Award nominee Lina; Cameroonian bassist Andre Manga; and South African recording artist Msaki, Female Vocalist of the Year nominee for Global Music Awards.

Welcome to the Global Soul Collective. 

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Frank Fitzpatrick

Frank Fitzpatrick is a multi-platinum producer, Grammy-nominated songwriter, author & award-winning filmmaker. He served as Apple’s 1st Music & Health Specialist, created several successful Hollywood film themes and soundtracks, and contributed to over $1 billion in box office revenues. Frank is also the founder of Amplified and, which helps to transform lives through the power of music.

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Justin Michael Williams

Justin Michael Williams

Justin Michael Williams is a Grammy-nominated artist, transformational leader, and best-selling author of Stay Woke and How We Ended Racism. He’s been featured at SXSW, Wanderlust, Google and Apple. Called an “Inspirational Powerhouse” by, Justin is the first millennial LGBTQ+ mindfulness leader of color, empowering people of all races with his multigenerational message of hope and unity.

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